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  1. Mizzicrazi


    im just wondering as iv not used itunes befor is there an easy learning video or quick way just to suss how the basics of it works & can benefit me ? Prob sounds a dumb question but the internet is still new to me
  2. Expatriate

    iTunes won't open twice without reboot

    I have the latest version of iTunes. At the moment, I can't open it to get you a version number because I have already had it open this boot of my PC. Once it has been open then closed (File --> Exit) it will not open again until my PC (W10) has been rebooted. Is this standard practice (SNAFU...
  3. M

    Apple Reveals HomePod Audio Sources

    9to5 Mac reports that Apple has today revealed exactly what audio sources you can play on HomePod. Here’s the official list from the HomePod tech specs page: Apple Music iTunes Music Purchases iCloud Music Library with an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription Beats 1 Live Radio Podcasts...
  4. V

    Sync or swim

    I have two iPads, an iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 both of which should contain copies of my Photos album off my iMac. Unfortunately the last few photos will not Sync to either of the iPads. For a test I created a new Album on my iMac and labelled it 2018 for the coming years photos and entered a...
  5. P

    How do I rate a music video? - syncs with iTunes

    Using iOS 10.3 on the iPad Pro, how do I apply a "star" rating of 1 to 5 stars to a music video? I can do it on iOS 9 on other devices, but iOS 10 is different. And I'm new to it. Again, a star rating. Not the heart icon or dislike. The star rating syncs back with iTunes. That's just what I...
  6. M

    Ten Minutes of Silence is A Smash Hit on iTunes!

    MacRumors reports that a new “song,” created by Samir Mezrahi, has taken the iTunes singles chart by storm. No surprise in that, you might say, but what is surprising is that the song is one big load of nothing, and that’s not just me being rude, it actually is just 10 minutes of total silence...
  7. M

    Apple listing some movies in iTunes Purchase History as 4K and HDR

    UK-based MacRumors reader Tomas Jackson has told the website that Apple has started to list some movies as 4K and HDR in iTunes purchase history. MacRumors writes that Jason posted a screenshot of his iTunes purchase history on the website’s forums that clearly shows 2016 film Passengers listed...
  8. M

    Apple Launches iTunes Holiday Movie Sale

    9to5 Mac reports that iTunes is having a massive holiday sale of Movies, many of which are now priced at just $4.99 for purchases and $0.99 for rentals. You can also get a variety of Editors’ Choice, Recent Releases, and Dreamworks films for $9.99. There are even limited-time bundles available...
  9. KevinJS

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Updated OS requirements for iTunes 12.5.x
  10. KDE1955

    ITunes Freezing up

    I've had my mini2 for a year now with very few problems and those few are associated with updates. I use the mini for accompaniment tracks (simi pro singer here) and use iTunes on my Windows 10 computer. Been having great success until the last windows update so I'm also working the issue with...
  11. C

    No computer

    i do not currently own a computer. I use my iPad and iPhone. However, I am wondering how I get into my iTunes account? The one that shows all my songs etc. I have made a new ringtone and hit save. Now it tells me to connect to a Mac or pic and connect to iTunes. Then select my device on the apps...
  12. iBozz

    Find My Friends & Podcasts apps Updates?

    I update my iPad 3rd Generation iOS and apps every couple of days and also update Apps via iTunes on my El Capitan iMac. For a couple of weeks or so, in the iTunes App Updates tab there appear two apps: Find My Friends and Podcasts. When I try to download these I get the message...
  13. C

    iPad 4 factory settings

    Hi, This could be one of the common questions here. >How can I perform the factory reset? >Is factory reset can delete all information from my iPad including the old account and will look like a new one? >Is it going to be like the first time I opened my iPad? Need some inputs since the very...
  14. M

    Major iTunes Redesign to be Announced Next Week at WWDC

    9to5 Mac reports that according to several different sources, Apple is about to announce a major overhaul of iTunes at WWDC next week. The intent of the revamp is apparently to streamline the main function of iTunes, i.e., music services. Apparently users get confused by how Apple Music works...
  15. G

    iTunes no longer sees iPad after upgrade to

    I just upgraded my iTunes to the latest Windows 10 version and my iPad Air 2 to iOS 9.3 and iTunes no longer sees my iPad. I have tried rebooting everything and the problem remains. This is the first issue of this type that I have ever seen after an upgrade. Any ideas?
  16. A

    Jailbreaked iPad doesn't reset & iTunes is stuck

    Hello guys, I reseted my iPad, because it had to less memory left. So I reseted it and didn't know that you can't reset jailbreaked iPads, because the jailbreak changes the iPads reboot files or something. Well the point is It is stuck in reseting iPad screen now and I can't shutdown it or...
  17. kathy025

    Apps not showing in iTunes

    iTunes Version: iOS Version: 9.2.1 (13D15) I recently downloaded apps from the Apps Store and when I sync with iTunes, the newly downloaded apps are not showing up. I already did File > Devices > Transfer Purchases but the apps are still missing. Any suggestions?
  18. ArkMC

    MyAudioStream is a music streaming application and UPnP audio player for iPad

    MyAudioStream | Arkuda UPnP Applications Website It's time to delve into a world of music with MyAudioStream. It's Arkuda's premium media network solution! iTunes: HD Pro MAS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myaudiostream-hd-pro-upnp/id977569287 HD Lite MAS...
  19. X

    How do I unlock my iPad after it is disabled to the "connect to iTunes" screen(I know its pasword)?

    To clarify my "friend" desided to be an idiot and disabled my iPad all the way to were it says "iPad is disabled connect to iTunes". Is thier a way to unlock it WITHOUT losing all my data and stuff on my iPad. I know my password its only disabled becuase of my "friends" stupidity.
  20. L

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store What if paintings were not static? What if we could sense their depth? Art Legacy is an original and immersive way to see a painting. It’s also part magic. HD App Preview Now available for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. Find out more...
  21. T

    Preinstalled playlists on iTunes

    I don't like or use the preinstalled playlists on iTunes. Can I delete them. Can I also have sub-playlists like Windows has folders & subfolders in Explorer Lastly, can I stop/change items like Albums being included when downloading tracks, so the playlist just shows the track title, artist &...