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  1. D

    Ipad2: Not connecting to store not updating IOS

    I have an old IPad 2 that stopped updating IOS at version 10, and does not connect with the apple store. How do I update IOS? If I update it, will it connect to the store, or it will never be updated because it is old and not supported anymore? Thanks.
  2. E

    no wifi. how to use app that is trying to update

    Hi. I was on the plane and I wanted to read my book in "books". However, when i selected the app, it would grey out and go into waiting/loading. Since wifi didn't work on the plane, i couldn't update the app and hence I could not use it during the long flight. This was extremely frustrating...
  3. iBozz

    App Updates require passcode

    i just know that I’m going to look utterly stupid when I see the answer, but hey ho! I have two iPads running the latest iOS.12 and on one I can update apps via the App Store just by hitting Update or Update All yet on the other I always have to enter my App Store password. We are talking...
  4. M

    Apple Releases iOS 11.2.6 Fix for Telugu Character Crash-Causing Bug

    MacRumor reports that Apple has today released iOS 11.2.6, primarily to fix the bug that crashes various iOS apps, such as Messages, Safari, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, among others, when a particular Indian-language Telugu character is sent, received or even simply input. Simply receiving...
  5. TechnicGeek

    How to Protect Software Update with Password?

    Hello, I am on iOS v10.0.2 and don't want to update to latest version. I don't want someone accidentally updating it when using my iPAD. Is it possible to set a password against software update? Thanks.
  6. M

    iOS 11.0.1 Patch Released to Improve iOS 11 Performance

    Macworld reports that Apple has today released iOS 11.0.1, which is a typical post-release update that features various “bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone and iPad” to quote Apple’s release notes. While Apple did not mention any specific bugs that the update fixes, Ars Technica reports...
  7. Expatriate

    I don't want a new O/S for my iPad

    That's it. I don't want a new O/S for my iPad! I am quite happy with the one I have. 2018 and I might think about an upgrade but I don't need one now and I don't want one now! Furthermore, I don't see why Apple should be trying to force it on me. Truth is, they do this too often for it to...
  8. iBozz

    Find My Friends & Podcasts apps Updates?

    I update my iPad 3rd Generation iOS and apps every couple of days and also update Apps via iTunes on my El Capitan iMac. For a couple of weeks or so, in the iTunes App Updates tab there appear two apps: Find My Friends and Podcasts. When I try to download these I get the message...
  9. Knightoftheapp

    iOS 9.3.2 Question

    I have an iPad Air 2. I've been reading about the current update of iOS. In anybody's opinion is it safe to upgrade to 9.3.2 at this time or, should I wait for the next update?
  10. G

    iTunes no longer sees iPad after upgrade to

    I just upgraded my iTunes to the latest Windows 10 version and my iPad Air 2 to iOS 9.3 and iTunes no longer sees my iPad. I have tried rebooting everything and the problem remains. This is the first issue of this type that I have ever seen after an upgrade. Any ideas?