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  1. Cricket1001

    How to copy app information shown in app store?

    I would like to copy all the info, including (if possible) all text for description, what’s new, cost, etc. to another app or word processor. I want to be able to highlight certain parts and underline and write notes. I have tried sharing to all sorts of options and it either copies some of...
  2. iBozz

    App Store oddity

    I have an iPhone SE 2020, a 2017 iMac and an iPad Pro, all of which have the latest versions of OS including Big Sur. The iPhone and iMac seem to be behaving “normally” and the iPad is behaving “normally” except for accessing the App Store. It is clearly making contact because the icon badge...
  3. iBozz

    iOS.13.n Protect apps from deletion

    In previous iOS versions, there has been a facility to prevent apps being deleted without entering the passcode. I used this, and the ability to prevent in-app purchases, to prevent my inquisitive Grandchildren from doing things that they oughtn't! Now that I am on iOS.13.n, last night I...
  4. iBozz

    App Updates require passcode

    i just know that I’m going to look utterly stupid when I see the answer, but hey ho! I have two iPads running the latest iOS.12 and on one I can update apps via the App Store just by hitting Update or Update All yet on the other I always have to enter my App Store password. We are talking...
  5. J

    App Store pops up unexpectedly

    Since I upgraded to iOS11, and listen to a radio station (a Cumulus owned station). the app store app pops up on its own and interferes with the radio broadcast. How strange! AND irritating! Anyone else have a similar issue? I have to close the app store and reload the radio app.
  6. A

    A query regarding App Store on iPad Pro and other Apple devices

    Hi all, I am active here since couple of months. I possess iPad Pro 10.5 which replaced my old iPad mini 2. iPad mini I passed to my daughter who is using it for fun like coloring, playing games and watching videos. I wanted some special apps to be for my use and those are on my iPad Pro and...
  7. iBozz

    Fahrenheit app

    This app has, or had, a home screen icon badge which automatically updated to the local temperature even with the app closed (there was a separate Celsius version as well) but recently this stopped working. The in app solution was to do a back-up and restore which I have done, but Fahrenheit...
  8. M

    Apple Unveils Redesigned App Store at WWDC17

    Another of the major new features of iOS 11 that Apple announced yesterday at WWDC17 is a completely revamped App Store featuring all-new Today, Games, and Apps tabs. The new App Store has been designed from the ground up to make it easier to discover apps and games. The all-new Today tab...
  9. M

    App Store Prices Increased in Several Territories

    AppleInsider reports that App Store prices have risen in several territories around the world, primarily due to currency fluctuations. First off we have the UK, where prices of apps and in-app purchases have increased by around 25%. This means that a Tier 1 app previously costing £0.79 will now...
  10. M

    January 1 2017 Was the App Store’s Busiest Day Ever

    Apple has today announce that, with nearly $240 million in customer purchases, January 1, 2017, was the App Store’s busiest day ever. This was the crowning achievement at the end of a year when app developers earned $20 billion, an increase in earnings of 40% from 2015. Apple said that the top...
  11. KevinJS

    Apps gone free

    Exactly what it says. Apps that normally cost money occasionally go free for a limited time. If you miss the download on the specified date, make sure you check the price since these may be one day offers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  12. XMTheS

    iOS 7+ apps on iOS 5.1.1?

    I've been looking everywhere and I can't find a tweak that allows you to download apps that require a higher version of iOS. If anyone knows of one post the name and source. Thanks in advance!
  13. M

    Pokémon Go Breaks Record for Most First-Week App Store Downloads Ever

    Jim Dalrymple of The Loop reports that Apple has told him that Pokémon Go has smashed the record for more downloads in its first week than any other app in App Store history. Apple also revealed that it had paid out $50 billion to developers overall. Dalrymple says that Phil Schiller told him...
  14. iBozz

    Find My Friends & Podcasts apps Updates?

    I update my iPad 3rd Generation iOS and apps every couple of days and also update Apps via iTunes on my El Capitan iMac. For a couple of weeks or so, in the iTunes App Updates tab there appear two apps: Find My Friends and Podcasts. When I try to download these I get the message...
  15. L

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store What if paintings were not static? What if we could sense their depth? Art Legacy is an original and immersive way to see a painting. It’s also part magic. HD App Preview Now available for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. Find out more...