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Connecting Ipad/Iphone to an Airprint Printer


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Jan 16, 2012
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Vancover B.C.
My daughter has an iphone and wants to use an air print printer. She doesn't have a computer or internet connection at her house.
My understanding is that you have to have wi-fi in order to communicate between the iphone and printer. My question then is can you use a cheap router that isn't connected either to a computer or the internet ro print on an air printer printer.


Fred Mc
Yes. All AirPrint needs is a local wi-fi network. The internet is not necessary.

However, if she is normally using a cellular connection to get internet at home, then she will have to switch back and forth between cellular and wi-fi whenever she wants to print. Also, once the iPad connects to the wi-fi network it will prefer it over the cellular connection; making it necessary to manually disconnect from the network or turn off the iPad's wi-fi when it's not needed.
does she has a dropbox account? if she does, she can download a compatible air printer to her dropbox account and the dropbox will send the print request. any questions shoot me a thread. Freddie

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