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Ipad Connection issue


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Feb 20, 2014
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Norfolk, VA
I have an interesting issue. This is not easy to explain either.
I have both an Ipad 3 & 4.
I am using Groupon Breadcrumb POS. In order to Print, the only printer that works with Breadcrumb is not inherently wireless or bluetooth (Star Micronics TSP143L) so it must be connected to a wireless router to connect to the Ipad.
So, I turn on the Wireless on the Ipad and it connects to the Wireless router, the Printer is Ethernet to the Router, so the Ipad now sees the Printer.
When we are at home, the wireless router is connected to the internet (by being wired to my primary firewall).
Ipad is now getting it's internet through the Wireless router and can see the printer and with the Credit Card Reader connected to the Ipad I can swipe inside Breadcrumb and process cards and print both Receipts & Kitchen orders.
So far so good.

Here is the issue.
We are Mobile. Once in our Food Truck, we no longer have an internet connection on the Wireless router so Breadcrumb does not work and we, obviously, cannot do credit cards.

The Ipad by itself, through the built-in 4G LTE, can process cards without the printer, but Breadcrumb will not print anything. As soon as I turn on the Wireless on the Ipad I am connected to the Wireless Router and can print but cannot get to the internet or use Breadbrumb.

I do not know Ipads all that well. Is there any way to have the 4G LTE be the Internet for the Ipad and also have the Wireless connection turned on for the internal network (printer)?

I called Groupon and they had nothing to help me on this. One person suggested getting a 3G/4G wireless router, but that would mean a new plan on Verizon likely and I have never even seen a router like this.

Any ideas?


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Jan 1, 2012
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South Africa
The first question is if printer have WiFi capability. If yes, the simples solution would be to check if your service provider allow for the iPad to be used as "hotspot". That way the iPad will be the actual router through wich your your printer can connect via WiFi and your second iPad can connect this way as well. This way you have created your own mini WiFi network. If this solution is not suitable, then I suggest that you purchase a 3G router that will work on one of your data plans. there are a variety of router manufacturers that have these available. Then you have create your own home network just on a mobile data plan.

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