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Printer recommendations needed

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
i have an HP 3510/11 I bought from many recommendations on an Apple forum--also at great price from a special purchase probably because a new model came out. The HP 3511 works terrifically with the Ipad (Air or Three)--we have the printer upstairs in our office and if we are downstairs and have the printer on, we simply hit print (or use the Printer pro app for more options--generally through "open in") and pick up the print whenever. We haven't had any issues at all with it and it works as well for our PCs if we choose, also scan and copy (though not really used since I generally scan with Iphone and print from there)

i have recommended this printer to a friend looking for one for the Ipad and though Amazon still has it I'm wondering if there are printers others have used and found easy to set up and use. I use my large print Epson for my photo work but the HP does a good job for text, photos for general use (and can choose better paper with the Printer pro app).

Thought I would add that I sent her the list of printers from Apple but find its always better to get recommendations from anyone who has actually used the product.
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HP 4260 works a treat with an iPad, very easy, if a bit longwinded, to set up on my wifi. Great for general text and photos on glossy media.
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I use a Canon MG 6350 with my iPads. It was easy to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. There's the Canon iEPP app, which additionally allows me to scan files and save them to my iPad as well as send them per email afterwards, using the email accounts set up in Settings.
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