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Calling Out All Artists: Stylus To Recommend?


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Jun 10, 2010
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I just DL'ed this art app and i will be doing some drawings, i have a gift and great drawing ability but havnt been active in the drawing world for long time, so getting back into it with the ipad, must refine my skills again...

anybody can recommend a stylus that is really good for drawing? I dont mind to pay a lil more!! I want one that is very precise and accurate that feels just right.. You artist know what i mean!

Im also gonna do some quickdraws on the ipad and post on youtube after i get the right stylus..
As stated, the DIY forum has a video with instructions on how to make one, but if you don't already have the foam from an IC chip laying around it's going to be cheaper to buy one than to buy the chip to throw away to obtain the foam.
Yeah, I got art studio and luv it, amazing for such a low price , I havnt been motivated to draw since high school when I won all kinds of awards, but now this app has inspired me to want to draw again, it may revolutionize drawing as we know it!

I know there are some art gurus that have made their own stylus, will check out those forums, thx.
Pogo seems to be a little imprecise, but it is great for writing...Dagi and ArtStudio are way more better for drawing

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