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3D Wallpaper Pro Now live in the App Store

Update 1.1 is now live in the store! All wallpaper packs unlocked, over 400 Exclusive HD wallpapers included!

Thanks to everyone so far for supporting us, cheers all

Sent from my gorgeous looking iPad, courtesy of 3DwallpaperPro.com
Hi Kirwin,

I'm thrilled you're liking the app! Thanks for your kind words and sharing! More updates coming soon....

Thanks and please recommend us ;0))

Sent from my gorgeous looking iPad, courtesy of 3DwallpaperPro.com
I may be interested in this. Do the wallpapers look good even when the screen auto switches between portrait and landscape mode?
Gamesharq: Of course, all our wallpaper are designed to work perfectly in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Waynes: We are currentlly working on adding text to further personalise the wallpapers

Just purchased it, how big is the app?

Seems to be taking forever to download

Sent from my iPad using my fingers
Thanks so much for supporting!! I really hope you enjoy and would be really grateful if you could leave a rating on the store! Please let me know, love to hear your feedback.

It's quite a sizable download due to high quality wallpapers :)
[FONT=&quot]Thanks for sharing information about 3d wall papers.[/FONT]
Update V.1.2 Now Live in the Appstore.

New wallpapers added to our monthly freebies section!!


Hi Aldo,

Thanks for your comments and glad you like it - All the support is greatly welcomed, come folks :D:D

Hi Aldo,

great feedback and I'm thrilled you like our original wallpapers! It would be great if you could leave your comments on the app store, would really help out a fellow brit :D

Thanks again, makes it all worth while

I bought your app. Very nice, however I guess I am kind of dumb.I understand how to preview a screen. How do I make it for real.

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