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3D Wallpaper Pro Now live in the App Store

I downloaded it last night. Very nice indeed. There are some Halloween ones too for those who want them.
November Update Now Live

Hi All,

Just to let you know that Novembers update is now live in the appstore.

Apologies to everyone for the delay but it seems the appstore update process is taking longer and longer each time :(


3D Wallpaper Pro
thanks for letting us know,some nice additions,anyone who hasn't got this should take a look,worth the money.
I currently use "Pimp your Screen" for for lock screen or wallpaper, worth every penny
The problem with Apps, regardless of how great you developers think they are, is that invariably they are complete rubbish. Why not let us end users decide if they are any good by giving them a short time limit. If they are as good as you say. I'm sure that they will be purchased. I wouldn't buy a car before giving it a test drive?

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