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will not connect properly


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Jul 12, 2010
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I posted a similar question but then I saw this forum and its the better one to post it in.

I jailbroke my ipad and all was working good, there was a app I had bought on my Itunes on my pc I wanted. When I hooked up the ipad to the pc it did not recognize it right...it saw an ipad but said there were problems. So, I tried a factory restore and when it was done with that I had the same problem. I did this several times. I have a mac also so I tried to do a factory restore on that and it worked, it could sync and everything. I then hooked it back up to the pc and tried the factory restore on it because all my stuff is on the pc but I get the same problem. No matter what it will not recognize the ipad properly so I can not sync anything from the pc-no mater how many times I do the factory restore.

Any ideas on how to fix this and if I take it in to apple will they be able to tell I hacked it even it is restored from the mac.
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Go into the ipads settings and under reset you want to reset all settings and content.

once that is done, connect it to the PC, if the PC still doesnt recognize it but the Mac will you man have to reinstall itunes on your PC.

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