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Tether camera to ipad


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Apr 19, 2010
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marietta, ga
My wife is going to shoot santa pictures next week and I have seen that it is possible to tether the camera to the iPad as a larger live screen. Seems like a good option to show parents pictures. Anyone try this. Seems like there are two options. A jail broken option and a non-jail broken option. The non-jail broken requires a router.

Anyone with experience trying this?
Why not just get the camera adapter and upload the pictures to your iPad for viewing?
I have the camera adapter. And that works fine. But with tethering you can see the shot live without removing the card. As you are taking pictures with Santa one person can take the shot and another shows the show to the parents to make sure they like it. If you had to take the card out then it wouldn't be live. It would work, you would just have to switch cards between every kid/family.
Think the basic photo app is too simplistic to cope with tethering. Have tried with my camera but it just goes into card read mode everytime. I suspect you might need a powered usb connection to get tethering to work.
Would be neat if it did though.

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