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Specifics to fully take advantage of 4.2

No thanks Simon. You can RTFM and then try to tell us what it says. Let me know when you give up.

The iPad is one of the most sophisticated computing platforms yet, despite it's seeming simplicity. Why would you not think to read the manual for it?

The laziness of some people astonishes me.

I disagree, the location of the rotation lock is hardly intuitive in iOS 4.2. Just one example of many.

That would be why they have a manual for the device.
I find it hard to believe in the day and age of Google people request things! type in Os 4.2 features into Google and i'm pretty sure you will stumble across about a 1000 sites and 100 videos! Geeks Paradise.

Cool! So, how do I find this Google thing? ;)
The online manual that is already booked marked in safari is updated with plenty of pictures:D
I Read the Manual and yet I find a BETTER way

I never really read the entire manual. This forum, here, is my manual.:D

Of doing things on the iPad in this forum. For example, when I have a problem I first search this forum and inevitably someone else already identified the problem and some one else helped them figure out how to fix it. It is easier to relate to someone else's problem than trying to figure it out in a manual.

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