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Something strange with my iPad2. Need help


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Dec 19, 2011
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iPad 2 wi-fi 32gb - 4.3.3 - Jailbreakme.com

Weeks ago I have installed w7, so i have no itunes and other programms. I have been using iFunbox to access to RawFileSystem since i bought iPad in August, but on previous Friday I have found a new programm - iTools. However, iTools doesn`t want to work without iTunes installed, so yesterday I downloaded the latest iTunes, installed it and connected my iPad to PC through usb. When I launched iTools, it showed me that my iPad wasn`t jailbroken and I couldn`t see RawFileSystem. Only DCIM, Books etc. Tried iFunbox - the same trouble. A bug, I thought -_-

After I rebooted iPad I saw THIS (see attach)


What I have:
1. Springboard looks like iPhone`s
2. iPod icon from 5 iOs (new color and icon itself)
3. Impossible to see desktop in horizontal (it doesn`t switch to horiz)
4. iPad reboots when try to launch app (some apps work)

1) itools and funbox say that my Pad is JAILED. However, in itools if i go: Apps -> Select app -> View Files — I am able to see App Folder (Documents, Appname.app, Library etc.)
2) Yesterday, I hold iPad vertically and tried to launch Cydia. It works! I downloaded Respring tool and respring Pad. After that, it springboard looks like iPad`s spring, and iPad works as he must work. Any apps can be launched, using iFile I can see FileSystem. If i reboot it, it`ll again become "iphone" :mad:

Will appreciate any help. Sorry for bad English.

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