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Rebuilding my Ipad2. I seriously need help


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Aug 1, 2011
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So here's the deal. My Ipad2 works great. Haven't encountered any serious problems yet.

However, my regular laptop that I used before I got my ipad recently had some big problems. It contracted a nasty virus. Really really bad. So damaging in fact I had to take it to the computer repair people and they had to wipe the computer and reboot windows. Luckily I was able to have them save my music files and some other things.

The problem is that now I'm worried about plugging my ipad into my computer or hooking it up with itunes again. It's not that I did that frequently, but I've been thinking about jailbreaking my iPad2.

I was told that if I hook my ipad2 up to my computer it will wipe everything off of it but since I downloaded the apps from the app store I'll be able to re-download them all without having to repurchase them. That's fine, but I have over 100 apps I've downloaded. And although I know it would be fine I really want to avoid the hassle of having to do that, not to mention having to re-import my music files.

Is there anyway I could hook my iPad2 up to my computer and back it up without it wiping everything off of it? Also I need to know how to transfer the music files to a file on my laptop without it automatically launching itunes when I plug it in.

Please help, sincerely,
Here is Apple's recommendations on how to transfer all your stuff to a new iPhone. With a few modifications it works very well for moving your iPad to a new computer (or one that got reformatted, in your case.

Wish I could find one as well written for the actual task.

How to back up your data and set up as a new device

Start by going into iTunes Preferences (before connecting the iPad) and turning off auto-sync. It is under the Devices tab. This will prevent any unwanted syncing before you are ready.

Do only the parts that apply to your information/situation (i.e.; if you are syncing contacts with Google, don't do the Personal Information Manager part. Stop when you get to the Restore step.

It would be wise, after the Transfer Purchases option to go through iTunes and make sure everything (media, app, book) got transferred. If not you may have a few more steps to insure all your stuff gets safely backed up on the computer.

NOTE: If you have picture albums in the Photos app, and they are not backed up somewhere other than the iPad, you need to save them first before doing anything else. The first sync will remove them. The PhotoSync app works well for this, and you can use it before starting any of the other procedures.

The quality of the pictures recovered this way will probably not match the originals. iTunes optimized photos for viewing on the iPad when it syncs them.

I'm about to do this. I'm going to create a folder to take all of my music off of the ipad2. Then I'm going to sync it up.

I'm scared, cause I have a lot of apps downloaded. Some of which are magazines that I pay subscriptions for. I don't want to lose that.
Apps can always be downloaded again for free. Most (probably not all) magazine apps will let you re-download issues you've already bought. If you have to download a magazine app again you will probably have to enter your Apple ID in the app again, or other user info depending on the app/magazine.

You can easily see all the apps you've purchased in the App Store by going to the Purchased page. Icon at the bottom.
So I plugged my ipad in, even though I disabled auto-sync.

And my computer recognized the Ipad2, on iTunes, and did not immediately wipe everything like I worried about. It looked like I could still put songs on there if I wanted.

Right now I am transferring purchases just in case. But it said that now I have authorized transferring purchases on this computer which is computer number 2 (though technically same comp, just reformatted) out of an available 5 computers.

Right now it looks like I'm not going to lose everything and have to re-download it! Happy day.

Can anyone explain why this is so awesome?
If you reformat a computer it loses whatever unique identifier iTunes uses to authorize your computer, and you have to authorize again. No worries, until you run out of authorizations. Then you just have to go into your iTunes account settings an de-authorize all computers (then individually authorize them again). This can only be done once a year, so it is always best to de-authorize a computer before formatting or retiring when you have a choice.

Transferring your ipad t a new computer is always a bit tricky. There are simply too many variables for one set of instructions to cover everything. Despite this, most of the time with a little research and luck, you lose little or nothing.

I'm glad it's going well for you. I'll keep my metaphorical fingers crossed. Let us know the results.
well I transferred all the purchases and it seemed to work fine. I didn't do a full backup or any of that though.

My main concern was that I would have to re-download and re-import all of my apps and music files. But that's not a problem anymore.

I would like to jailbreak it soon but haven't really looked into it.
Glad it worked.

Can't help with the jailbreak. I've never needed it, so I only know what little I've picked up in bits and pieces here and there. However; if you go the the Hacking forum you'll find several sticky threads at the top that explain (or at least begin to explain) what, why, and hows. I keep meaning to read them myself. :eek:

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