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Ipad2 Newbie needs help


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Jan 4, 2012
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I recently received a IPAD2 and even though I have been working with computers for 30+ years this guy is a little different. I need help putting my MP3 collection (ripped from my CDs years ago) onto my IPAD2.
I Installed I-Tunes on my Win 7 PC, and backed up the Ipad so I know I-Tunes sees the Ipad, Next I created a new playlist and dragged ~60 MP3 files onto the playlist pane in I-Tunes, then I used the menu File => Sync IPAD commands and I see the dialog at the top of the I-Tunes application that indicates a 3 step process is completed, it happens so fast I cannot read all of the messages at each step, I know it will take a while to copy 60 192kbps MP3 files and it seams that it is not working, no error message that I can see. I launched I-Tunes on the IPAD and I only see one song that I bought from the I-Tunes store.
Anybody have any advice?
Welcome to the forum! There's lots of useful generic threads for tips and tricks that your an find on here by doing a quick search.
As for your problem, first of all connect your iPad and then click the name of your iPad to show a sync window. Now click the music tab (at the top of the window) and make sure that the sync all music icon is ticked. Now try syncing your iPad by clicking the button at the bottom right of the page that will either say 'apply' or 'sync' hopefully this will work. If not let me know and I'll give you some more advice.

Proud owner of a 32GB wifi iPad2 iOS5.

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