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iBooks 3.1 on iOS 8

Jun 6, 2015
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I'm trying to install iBooks 3.1 on my iOS 8 because I prefer this old version. Anyway... At first iTunes, iTools and iFunbox said it couldn't be installed because it was already installed — meaning the iBooks 5.1 version from iOS 8.

I managed to bypass that editing the ipa name values, it lookedat it was going to work for a while, even iTunes recognize the app with a different name. But the icon now appears on my iPad with the word "installing" below but it never does!

iTools now gives me the "Installation failed: verification failed as the authority is in.." error.

I wonder if anyone knows what other values I need to change in the ipa before installing on the iPad.

Hello, just letting you know, (and you may want to let Jack know:)) that your other identical post in another thread has been deleted. That's because duplicating threads like that can fragment the conversation and may cause confusion as to just where we should answer you, and it does contravene our rules.
I am no expert on iBooks, and I'm hoping one of our knowledgable members will chip in here, but it seems to me that iTunes has already given you the answer... That old version cannot be installed.
You don't need to do anything because iBooks 3.1 is not supported in iOS 8 and every attempt to install it will fail.

In addition, discussions about modifying the ipa files for an app is not allowed because cracking the app to gain access to the IPA file is a form of piracy and discussions on these topics are not allowed.

Please do not post on this topic in any future posts.

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