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Someone got my iTunes account!!!

Did you jailbreak your ipad?

Did you jailbreak your IPad? If So that is probably the problem. The reason why I said that is, I was putting the IOS4 on my IPhone 3G & then since I use T-Mobile as my carrier then I had to jailbreak & unlock after I installed IOS4 & I was successful, but for some reason after I did all that crap everything seemed fine until I installed a shady App from the Cydia App Store & then my IPhone started moving slow as a turtle, so I then uninstalled the crapware that I just installed & then I restarted 2 times & then everything was ok. I love Cydia for giving me access to be able to use my IPhone 3g on T-Mobile network, but some of the shady characters & software are really scary because we do not know who these people may be,they may be thieves from China or Africa or here in the USA I don't know, but my gut feeling tells me to leave those malware infested app's alone. So for me I am not going to jailbreak my IPAD 3G 64GB because it is just not worth the trouble of identity theft. So if you installed any Apps from that so called Cydia app store,then I would uninstall everything & since you said that you restored your IPad, then I would not jailbreak it this time because it is just not worth the trouble especially when we are all doing shopping & maybe paying our bills on it & those Cydia Apps & the store filled with ton's of ad's just seem shady as heck & I am not going to install nothing else from there infested Cydia App Store because I simply do not trust it & you should not either. Good Luck!

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