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Duplicating itunes account on second pc


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Feb 5, 2011
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Can anyone talk me through the process to register my existing iTunes account to a second computer we have overseas.
Leaving this week and will be a fantastic help if I can use easily.
Will be gone for 4 months
At present have some iPod music on a different account on the second pc which is overseas.
But would prefer to wipe all this and just have my account set up for iPad ,with original info for the main computer.
Can this be done.
Want to take it step by step and get right.
It's a long time 4 months if it stuffs my iTunes account while away.
I am not entirely sure, what you are trying to achieve and why you want your main account on the overseas pc. But if you just want to activate iTunes, go to Store->Authorize this computer->Log-in with your Apple ID. iTunes will now be able to play any content purchased from this account. But remember that music and movies can only be downloaded once, so you would need to import them, for example from an external hard drive.

If this isn't remotely what you are looking for, please feel free to correct my assumptions about your usage.
You need to authorize the computer from the computer itself.

Secondarily, at that overseas computer, I guess you can log out from the active account and log in with your chosen account.

It's confusing because we think of our computing as existing in the physical hardware itself. No longer with the cloud.
Does this mean the music and books and tv shows I have down loaded through my iTunes account, (on my home main pc)
Which I presently enjoy on iPad,will now be available on the overseas pc?(and the same iPad)
Sorry to sound un informed.
It's a worry if I have an iPad problem and have to reset etc
Without being able to re load all my iTunes saved info.
Am I still confusing anyone other than myself?
Nervous traveller.
DontUnderstandMyIpad said:
You can have your Apple ID activated on multiple computers. For example, I have my laptop activated and sync the iPad with it, but my account is also activated on a pc overseas. There is no need to logout.

Do I have to plug the iPad in to the new pc first.
Then what?
Well, somehow you will need to transfer the data from PC 1(home) to PC 2(overseas). If all your music/TV series are on your iPad, you would activate PC 2 with your account, after that connect the iPad, but do not sync. Then in iTunes, right click on the iPad and select Transfer Purchases.
When I connect the iPad to the pc2 how do I ensure that it doesn't sync automatically.
This is what I am most nervous about.
I can envisage a nightmare of lost info.
When you connect the iPad to PC 2, a popup will ask you something like:

"This device is synced with another library. Do you really want to sync?" Owtte
You should tick dont remind me again and then select don't sync. The important thing to know is, that the iPad will not sync automatically with any other iTunes.
Thanks sooooo much.
I appreciate the info.
Will let you know how it goes
Masters rule ,thanks

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