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iTunes error: Your request could not be completed


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Feb 2, 2011
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Hi, I've been searching for a solution everywhere for some weeks now without a solution. This is my case.
I have an iPad 1 and have 2 iTunes accounts. 1 in the USA and 1 in Holland. In order to buy apps and music in one of those accounts, I could switch my account and buy and download without any problems from my iPad. That is, till the latest IOS update. I'm always running the latest updates.

Since the last update when I sign in in my Holland account and check for updates etc., when I switch back to my US store account, iTunes loads partially in the Dutch language and part in English. If I check the account, I am able to see that I am in the US store, all my US updates work and I can download them. But that is in the app store. In iTunes all the categories on my screen are still in Dutch f.i. Music is written in Muziek etc. and when I try to go into the categories I get the error message: Your request could not be completed.

I found a workaround for this, but that's not the way it should work. When I log into my Dutch account and back to the US store, I go to the US apple website, go to iTunes and click on music page. That will take me automatically to my iTunes on the iPad and than that category will work and I am able to buy music from the US iTunes. But of course I need to do that with all the different categories in iTunes (movies, podcasts, books etc.)

It seems that somewhere my cache is not being cleaned and/or updated so when I switch stores with my different iTunes accounts, iTunes loads in 2 languages simultaniously. Does anybody here have tips or solutions for this?

I tried soft reset, hard reset, cleaning all caches etc. in my settings, syncing from my laptop...the works.... and I am still stuck with this.
Sorry, I don't have a solution, but I just wanted to let you know, that I have the same problem with a German and US account.
Thanks for the post. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Let's see if someone might know how to solve it.

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Did you close iTunes between your changes - go to the task bar and close it after signing out of the first account?
Czevski said:
Did you close iTunes between your changes - go to the task bar and close it after signing out of the first account?

Yes. It seems that somewhere a partial buffer file doesn't clean itself after you log out of the store. And when you open with another itunes account in another country that partial file mixes with the current active file.

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I am having a similar problem on my ipad2. I switched to my US account to rent a film and am getting the message that my request cannot be completed. I can get to the music store just fine and the app store but not films, tv programs or podcasts. I can switch to my US account on the PC and rent the film but really wanted it on the ipad. Tried resetting, making sure itunes was closed, etc. Weird!
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I have a us account and Australian account. In most cases it works however if I am in the app store and switch iTunes store some times when I go back to iTunes I get that error. What I do now that works is log out of the aust app store then log on to the us store in iTunes

My thought iis that sometimes the servers hiccup or get confused lol.

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