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Question about iTunes - multiple user accounts on the mac

dj r

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Jun 11, 2010
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I have a unique issue. I think it's unique b/c I've been searching forums and the www for answer and I'm finding my exact question anywhere.

Long story short, I now have TWO user accounts on my mac #1 and #2. I have been migrating everything to my #2 and I'm almost there. I need to be on my #2. I am the admin, both #1 and #2 are admins.

My iTunes is set up in #1. I have multiple ipods, ipad, touch, etc. Tons of music and playlists, apps, etc. I want to either:

- move this entire itunes set-up from #1 to #2, not just the library which anyone can easily redirect, but the entire thing.
- allow both mac user accounts 1 and 2, to see and use the exact same itunes acct and music library etc.

typically all the questions I've found on the www, people are looking to set up two itunes accounts, use the same music library, and on 2 different mac acccounts/users. My problem is the opposite. I want one itunes.

Any idea if this is possible?
I really appreciate your time. I value this type of community.


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