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Skitch replacement: Annotable


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Ever since Evernote announced it was ending support for Skitch I've been looking for a good replacement. While a few apps did some of the things Skitch did, none of them have been nearly as flexible or easy to use.

Enter Annotable. This is the Skitch replacment I've been longing for.

It has almost all the tools Skitch does, plus a few that up till now were only available as stand alone apps, like PointOut's magnifying loop. Unlike PinPoint, it does not limit you to marking up screenshots taken on your current device. And, it's far more stable than the other options I've tried.

The only tool I'm missing is cropping. I can get around that.

However, it is not without flaws. First there are a few bugs and issues; like the text selction tool, that have to be worked out. The developer has a Trello Board support site where you can view current issues and info, and an email address to report bugs, ask for features, etc. Both are conviniently located the the settings icon.

The second issue is a confusing In-App-Purchase process. If you look under the settings icon you'll see a Restore Purchases option. This only works if you've already made a purchase, and it needs restored. If you've purchased nothing, you'll be told so; but no option to make a purchase is offered.

Instead, the app will wait untill you try to save or export an image with paid feature, then give you the option to either remove the feature(s) or make an in-app-purchase. According to the developer this is so all the tools are avaialbe to experiment with, but I think it could be clearer. For one thing, there is no clear indication of which tools are free, and which not. (By epxerience I know that the arrow and drawing tools are free).

This made little difference to me, other than the difficulty figuring out how to buy the extra features. I was more than willing to pay $7.99. It's an app I expect to use a lot.

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Thank you for this. I too have been looking for a replacement for Skitch and this looks like it will work fine. And, yes, the price is well worth it as I plan to use the app quite a bit.
Annotable includes a text pixelation feature that I've been wanting but haven't found in any apps. That feature alone pays for itself for my needs.
I got the app before you mentioned it - and I agree with every point. I'm really liking it myself and will be using it a lot. Thanks for the review.

Thank you!

I downloaded the app, but now I can't open it. It crashes constantly, and force closing and de- and reinstalling don't help.

Looks like it was my iPP. A reset helped, everything is working now.

Thank you for the link!
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Thanks tp, Informative as usual:) Good to know there is this fall-back, and maybe an even better facility available.

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