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Skitch app, now available for iPad


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Jan 17, 2010
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It’s time to get a little excited. Evernote just came out with Skitch for iPad. Skitch has already been available on Mac, but from now on Apple lovers will be able to enjoy it as well. Skitch combines the easiest ways to share quick image captures with a friendly and accessible interface. The original release dated back from 2007 but somehow it never managed to pull out of the beta pre-release state. The Skitch platform was acquired by Evernote in August 2011 and finally got going in version 1.0.

Skitch is super fun and is a intuitive way of moving your ideas and projects forward using fewer words. With Skitch you can draw on just about everything you lay your eyes on. It can be a new or old photo, a webpage, a screenshot, a map or a blank canvas. Then, because we live in the social age, you can share your work with friends or colleagues. Then save all your progress and finished art to Evernote.

Skitch lets you work on existing images from your camera roll or on pictures taken with the camera of your iPad. Also, Skitch enjoys a smart system that will identify recently-made screenshots, which will be automatically be saved to your camera roll. The app also has its own browser. You can now mark up the webpages you want to come back to, in order to highlight your objects of interests.

Skitch offers a variety of tolls that are designed for speed : Finger, Pencil, Arrows, Text, Shapes, Crop, Color and thickness and Thrash.
Interestingly, the Skitch team used to be under the Plasq banner, the publisher of Comic Life – that jumped from Mac to iPad back in May of this year.
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I love this app!

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