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Rolling Stones magazine for the iPad is now available


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Jun 22, 2012
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Rolling Stone magazine for the iPad is now available


The Rolling Stone magazine has been a publication appreciated by music lovers worldwide. Today, we have some good news for fans of this magazine that also enjoy some quality technology in their lives. The Rolling Stone has officially arrived on the iPad. Yes, it’s true, you could have read the magazine through third party applications like Zinio before, but it was just not the same thing.

One important new aspect of the new Rolling Stone app is that you can buy songs directly from YouTube. Let’s say you are just browsing a magazine and you come across an article about Eminem and his latest single. If the article features a little orange arrow, it means there’s a song there and you can purchase it by clicking on the icon and being re-directed to iTunes. You can first listen to the song and see if it’s worth buying in the first place of course. You won’t even need a media player to do so; you can play the song within the e-magazine.

So, if you are interested in reading the issues of Rolling Stone on your iPad, head on to the App Store and download the app for free. After that, you will need to subscribe to the publication in order to receive the issues. A monthly subscription costs only $1.99, while a yearly one comes for $19.99. Naturally, the magazine will then appear in your Newsstand, from where you can pick it up and start immersing yourself into the world of music.

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