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Setting up iPad for another user


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Jun 4, 2012
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Hi all,

I am a iPad newbie, but am a techo for an IT company - so all non techs assume I know about iPad. :-(
I've bought an iPad for a friend's daughter - the friend is overseas, and his daughter is very young - and does not have a computer. Basically, I need to upload a bunch of songs and photos onto the new iPad (and possibly Skype).
However, without synching to my computer, I can't see how to do it.
Obviously I don't want to synch to my stuff.

Would it work if I created a fresh VM, installed iTunes and synched to that?
Would I be able to copy the photos and songs across - without registering the iPad?

Do I have to register the iPad? what is the reason for that?
I don't have my friends credit card details - and really I don't think he will want his 5 year old daughter (or her friends) downloading apps anyway.
Thanks for your help


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Apr 28, 2011
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You need to give the IPad to the kid (or the parent). She can learn it herself (or the parent). She (or the parent) can either buy albums and download them or find a computer and load HER songs. If she doesn't have any songs, then they should not be loaded on her iPad anyway. She can easily take her own pictures. If the iPad truly belongs to her, then she needs to set up an apple ID. Otherwise, her parents can do it. That way, anything anyone in the family buys on dad's or mom's Apple iD can be shared on the daughter's ipad. This is a sitation where you need to get out of the loop. iPad isn't hard to use at all....most kids will figure it out quickly.

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