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Problems watching BBC iplayer on TV

michali said:
2.82 mbs per sec . What is happening is the player plays for about 15-20 mins and then suddenly switches back to the beginning! So I close the player and reopen and sometimes it restarts where it left off, but as the episode continues the player does this more and more.

That's quite a slow speed.....it could well be the source of your problems.

The Archangel
Could be...I will do some speed tests at other times and see if it makes a difference when speed is better. Luckily the other apps for watching TV work fine. Thanks for your advice!
This is baffling, the misses reported this problem to me with her iPad 2. Both browser and I player app suddenly stop showing a picture 20-30 seconds in. The same does not happen on my iPad 3. We are getting full wi fi on both devices, running 6-8mb download speed and run both devices alongside each other. The iPad 2 continues to stall stop showing video but audio continues. I am most concerned as threads/discussions regarding this problem seem to have dried up. All other video/streaming apps work fine. We have a non official hdmi cable that we use fairly regularly to connect to the tv, never had problems with it but wondering if this could have any effect on the firmware? All background apps are closed and problem still persists. This is the oddest and most disappointing failure I have ever seen on an Apple device, can anyone shed any light on this issue?
My iplayer has got much better but I did notice twice recently it did just what your wife's did...played for a few minutes, then the screen went black and I had to restart the app. Seems OK now though. Some minor buffering at times.

I spoke too soon! While watching a film tonight I had to close the app twice as it suddenly went black! This has not happened for months until recently again. I wonder if the app needs an update?
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Can you help me? I am not sure how to work this app. But I need to know how to fix my iPad. It's not making sounds on app only if I have earphones in. When I type it doesn't make sounds either. Only thing works with sounds now is my music and videos. What do I do?

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