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Problem regarding Winterboard themes and backgrounds


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Jul 22, 2011
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Hi, I am running 4.3.3 jail broken on my iPad 1. I just downloaded the theme A I R from Cydia; however, like the other themes I have downloaded from Cydia, the theme's lock screen and springboard backgrounds do not show up. So I have installed the theme but the backgrounds I had previously set from my photos have not changed. I would really appreciate any help.

Or, take a look at your Winterboard settings (either via the icon or Settings).

You should see a line titled "User Wallpaper" and "User Lock Background." Make sure those are unchecked.

Let us know if that helped.

Both of them are unchecked. Thing is, this has happened to me with every theme I have ever used. Do I need to SSH into my phone to change anything to fix this? Thanks a lot for the help guys! :)
You could have another tweak installed that could be overriding winterboard theme.
Ok. I have attached a screenshot of my list of Cydia installations. Everything else about the theme seems to be just fine- the icons, status bar, etc. It's just the lockscreen and springboard wallpapers that will not change. Thanks again for the help guys!


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Oh ok. I thought you meant of my Cydia installations as OUTL4W mentioned there could be a clash. Here is my winterboard screenshot then. Thanks!


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Heh. Google is my friend!

I looked up the theme on Google and found this little note at the bottom of the developer's page:

As the theme wont set the wallpaper automatically I have attatched it to the bottom of this post or it can be found by navigating into the themes folder on your device with iFile and adding it to the photo album

So, go into iFile where the theme is (var/stash/Themes.../A I R iPad.theme) and at the bottom are the four wallpapers that come with this theme. If you select one of the PNG files, you can open it right in iFile (use "Image Viewer").

When the image opens, there's a folder icon with a down arrow in it at the center bottom of iFile's viewer. Pressing on that folder will save it to your Photo app. Then, you just have to go into Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper and select it for your home/lock screen (it'll be under Saved Photos).

Hope that helps. And sorry if I told you how to use iFile when you may have already known. Just saves time...

Thanks so much for the help! :). So would that have been the case for every theme I've tried?
I honestly couldn't tell you. Because, I have had themes install wallpaper right into the iPad's stock Wallpaper file. For example, the inPulse for iPad theme put backgrounds into that folder (accessible via Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Wallpaper). I don't use them, but they are easily got at.

In addition, I've installed other themes that do put backgrounds on as part of the theme (automatically). I think that's why the "User Backgound" section was developed, so users didn't have to use wallpaper that loaded automatically as part of a theme.

All that to say, who knows why this guy didn't/couldn't put the wallpaper into the theme. All I'd suggest is re-trying those other themes and then see what is going on with them. All the developers/themers have their own methods - we just have to figure them out. :D

Anyway. Glad we got it sorted.

I was thinking that there was different parts. Like some themes have the lock screen separate and you have to select it.

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