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Enhance folder background image problem


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Jul 22, 2011
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Hi all,

So I bought FolderEnhancer yesterday, however, even though I have the option to use image file turned on, the background of my folder is the same stock colour. Now when I use the theme Buff4iPad (which has it's own folder icons) when I open the folders the background is that of my home screen background. So why won't this work with no theme or other themes such as AIR for iPad?

Would really appreciate the help!

Thanks :)
It only works if the theme you have applied has a specific folder enhancer background included. Some themes don't have them.
Do you know if inPulse theme for iPad does? Was thinking of buying it. However I want a theme which my folders will have my home screen background rather than the stock black colour.

Thanks a lot for the reply btw!
Anyone who has inPulse can answer this? As I don't have a lot of money to spend so I want to buy a theme which I know fits what I'm looking for. Since I bought FolderEnhance I'd really like to get a theme which shows the background image as my home screen wall paper.
Maybe I misunderstood. You should ALWAYS be able to see the background of your iPad with folder enhancer. Go to the settings and turn "Use Image File" OFF and make sure if you have changed the "Background Color" option that you reset all the sliders to the left hand side. That leaves the background transparent by default and folder enhancer will show your desktop background as the background for folders.

What I was describing was where a theme provides a specifically designed Folder Enhancer background. To see this, you turn "Use Image File" ON.

InPulse for iPad does include a specific Folder Enhancer background image, but you can ALWAYS use the same background as is applied to your theme if you correct the settings as I said above.
Thanks so much f4780y! I got it now :). Just had to turn the image file off. I may still purchase inPulse though. Looks like a nice theme.

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