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Changing pictures of a theme/winterboard


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Dec 28, 2010
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ok i downloaded a theme on cydia through winterboard...i really like it..except the quality of the picture is not that great...and when i go to change it...to a picture ota say safari for example it wont let me? Can any of themes allow me to keep the theme but change the picture?

Yes, some do, but its the choice of the developer. You can however replace the image provided by the developer manually. There are a couple of ways to do this...
You can either ssh onto the device and transfer a file into the theme folder or use a program such as iFile to do the same on your iPad.
Themes are located in var\stash\Themes.xxxxx (the bit at the end is unique to your installation). Each theme you have downloaded will be in that folder. Have a look inside the theme you want to change. There is usually a background.png or similar...

Hope that helps.

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