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Organizing pictures inside albums

how to organize ur photos on the ipad

if you want to organize your photos in order, all you have to do is to number the photos like first photo name it 1 and the second photo name 2 and so on.
I hope that's useful for you guys
Fixed rotation issue - but pictures still don't sort properly

Well, after months of trying to get my pictures rotated correctly - i finally did it. I used to rotate them using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. But i tried using Adobe Photo Shop - and yup - that was the problem. Even PhotoShop didn't recognize them as being rotated correctly!! so - i re-rotated everything in PhotoShop and voila - they sync correctly rotated to.

HOWEVER, i sort them by name within the folder and they still sync in a random order... i have yet to figure this one out... i can't even get them to sort in that order on my PC - so who knows what's going on! any ideas????
Photo Sequence Solved --- For a Price

First, you've probably noticed that Apple did nothing to improve photo management, sequencing, labeling in the native iPad Photo application in their latest operating system upgrade iOS4.2.

Second, I have solved the problem of getting my photos arranged in the sequence I want and it only cost me about $1300 to buy a MacBook Pro and the Aperture photo software. Once you arrange your photos the way you want them in a named Aperture library, you sync them to your iPad and they are perfectly the way you want them!
I love my IPAD but photo management including importing procedure is down right ridiculous. I consider myself somewhat computer literate and still have issues with it. I can see how some people will never get the photos they want how they want onto their IPAD. If feel they same way about printing.
Apple, one fix to consider is the addition of an "info" button to display photo file information (filename, size, details, etc.). A second would be a search option find photos by filename or keywords. This can't that difficult is it?
Another app that is getting better for arrangement and display is Collections and it's integrated with Dropbox.

Someone beat me to it ^^^

Use Dropbox (or similar), that way you can maintain your file structure, and file names and still have everything come out the way you want. I don't do a lot with photos but I do a lot with drawings, and I use Dropbox and Goodreader, and for me that works really well.

In fact I have a theory about this - the apps that Apple provide are really just there to give the ipad some usability out of the box. By not providing a proper desktop and file management app, Apple have left the field wide open for third party desktop/file management apps, and that is essentially what you are looking for.
Collections is a pretty good app. But my problem is with initial upload to the IPAD. During the upload the ITunes/IPAD performs some sort of image compression optimization and strips all details including filename and camera info (i.e. date, time, meta inf.). If they just retained the simple filename at least you'd be able to search or catalog images. Additionally, 3rd party vendors could enlist that detail within their apps. Apps like collections can perform batch imports but you would then have to manually reinsert image info into the available text box one image at a time. That is a problem when dealing with hundreds or thousands of pics at a time. The solution will more than likely have to come from the root, in this case Apple/itunes.
Sorting pictures in name order

I have all of my photos organized by sorting on the name. I also can't find a way to sort in this order on my ipad. I hope Apple or someone will write an app that will make the photo feature usefull to me.
You may find my research on this topic useful. I have demystified the image / album process and are able to control image inclusion and order. Search for this topic: "Getting images onto the ipad".

I really hate Apple for making this such a pain in the a$$. It can be made to work. You just have to jump through some very difficult hoops.
Best photo organizing app-

Check out the Sortshots app..it will solve all your problem..whenever you'll transfer the pics to your ipad the sequence will remain the same.This is the best photo organizing app.It brings the power of tagging to your photo collection; once you get everything set up you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for in just a couple of taps.
This problem drove me crazy, but I have found an excellent solution. On a Mac, using Aperture, arrange your photos the way you want them. You can use File Name for your initial arrangement, but you must move at least one photo back and forth so the arrangement is Manual. I repeat, must end up as MANUAL. If you then sync using iTunes I guarantee they will be arranged the way you want them.

By the way, in addition to putting my photos on my iPad I like to put them on my Play Station 3 and display them on my 60" HD TV. I found a neat program called MediaLink which transfers them wirelessly (I have a home wi-fi network) directly from Aperture to the PS3. The arrangement in the PS3 will be by good old file name order.
Just back from vacation with a load of photos, and after doing a little research on apps to organise/transfer pics, there are two that look promising: Photo Manager Pro and PhotoSync. It would be interesting to hear reports from other members who have used these apps.
If you happen to have an HP printer, you can download the HP iPrint app for iPad. It only let's you print images, PDFs, and txt documents, but it's FREE!

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