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ipad photo file names


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Mar 12, 2011
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I have a photo management situation. I use aperture to manage my digital photos. I sync my Aperture library in full with my iPad. I shoot in RAW but on importing any new images I export them to jpg to my home server. I back up both my Aperture library and the folders of exported jpeg on Crashplan (which has an iPad app).

Here is my situation: I am away from home and wanted to edit my photos. Ideally I want to get at my full high res photos (on Crashplan) and not the compressed ones in the Photo library. Crashplan has the photos by filename but with no preview. the iPad photo library has the photos on display but with no filenames.

My questions:
1. When the iPad syncs with Aperture does it save the original picture filenames somewhere?

2. Is there a way to view this data? I know there are EXIF viewers but I really want to see what the original filenames are (then I can use the ipad as a viewer and then pull the originals off of crashplan).

Any pictures in the photos app have been compressed, organized, and renamed. Every photo in there has a img_(photo #).jpg file name. And, access to these pictures is not allowed by apple.
Is there a good 3rd party app that will let me import from Aperture and keep the file info intact?
This app look interesting.

Pixelsync | Bring Aperture and iPhoto to your iPad

Though it is not specifically designed to do what you want, the video and description suggest it may suffice, but I can't be sure. Needs a helper app on the Mac to work.

If you do get it and try it, let us know how it turns out. I'm tempted to get it myself, but know I won't really put it to use; beyond the first day or two of playing with it.
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I actually found the program above soon after the post. It actually does what I want (since it displays the version name for any picture which is the file name). The only issue is that I have 10.5 and not 10.6. Maybe I will need to upgrade.

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