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Memory and stability problems and puzzles


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Mar 18, 2013
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My i-pad 2 was getting slower and slower. I saw that there was not much free memory. I deleted some apps that I had rarely or never used. Deleted photos or put on the dropbox thingy. What was left, though, seemed indispensable: I have 3.5 GB of music, and if I can't access it away from Wi-Fi there is no point in it. The biggest space user was journals, just one daily and one weekly, occupying if I remember something like 16 + 2.5GB. The daily conserved the copies for a month: I reduced this to a week. The recovery of GB never seemed proportional - I think at most a GB, and this subsequently rapidly diminished. To get the daily journal download took time and 8 or 10 repeated efforts. Safari was not too bad for browsing, but editing when posting in a place like this was quite a pain. Free memory was always something like a couple of hundred MB.

I read that a thing to do even if you kept apps was to delete and reinstall them. Apparently this destroys some dispensable data in things called caches. I did for some things (small savings) but I did not want to do it for the journals – I had done it time ago for other reasons for the weekly but this meant losing a lot of useful bookmarks of articles in old issues, again for me a rather essential functionality.

After a few months limping like this a few days ago the system mysteriously without me doing anything that I know, righted itself! (I wonder if this was done by the journal software.) All of a sudden I was surprised to suddenly have a massive 16 GB of free memory! And the daily journal download is fast and smooth. Mind you it seems to drain away quite fast - after about a week the 16 GB has become 14 GB. Also Safari has become hard to use. It constantly gives me "a problem occurred with this page so it was reloaded" But the interruption makes it practically unusable for e.g. banking sites, or ones where you want to print out, or forums,

My system is 9.3.2. I know there has been debate about whether it is a good idea to upgrade iPad (2) to 9 or even 8 (which I also noted slowing me down). For what it costs I reckon it still owes me something. My Consumers Association has been criticising manufacturers for creating software that renders existing hardware unusable at the rate they do. Even if I accept that these days you're ridiculous if you're not spending all the time on widgets if you want to stay in touch with the modern world, I have in any case in the last nine months bought a Mac for me and iPad Pro for my wife who also has an iPhone and that's enough i-spending! There is also the point of what device I would or could take where when out of the house (even in it, since it's not all covered by Wi-Fi). And the other points of the learning process, and the stuff I already have up and running on the iPad, the password manager, etc etc etc

Anyway, practically can anyone advise on how best to restore functionality stably, for Safari keeping the journal reading and music on this iPad 2?
OK no answer - does this mean I-pad 2 users are now only in a museum cellar?

I would just like to know how it works that memory totally disappears and some time after reappears?

Since my last post the other remaining glitches mentioned there also cured themselves magically. Without reloading any great amount of stuff my 16 GB available memory is down to about 9.4, so I would just like to be prepared with something I can do in case it goes down to near 0 again.
If you connect your iPad to iTunes on your computer it shows your storage use as a graph at the bottom of the page. Does your iPad show a large category called Other? If it's more than a couple of GB in size it's taking up too much space.

Also, have you tried erasing your iPad and setting it up as a new iPad to see if that solves the problem?

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