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  1. A

    Safari Not Printing Images in Reader View

    I’m using iOS 15.5 on an iPad Air 4. I use Reader view in Safari a lot when finding crochet patterns - I open print preview & then save to my PDF reader. This eliminates all the advertising & garbage on the page. Over the last month or so, images don’t show up in print view (or in the PDF when...
  2. 6

    Safari can't handle PDFs

    I am new here and am not sure if I should be starting a new thread - so please forgive if I should not have. I cannot do anything with a pdf which I have downloaded or otherwise received in Safari. If the pdf is open, for example, and I want to save it to iBooks, absolutely nothing happens...
  3. Rayzie

    Some websites won't load

    This is my first time posting here. I have an iPad Pro. Certain websites won't load in Safari. If a website won't load in Safari, I will try it in the Perfect Browser App as well. These websites won't load there either. I've tried certain websites for months. I've cleared history and website...
  4. TechnicGeek

    My first iPad is Mini 2

    Hi there! iPad 2 Mini is my first iPad. While I did expect version 7 of iOS, it came with version 10.0.2 I heard that the earlier versions are faster and newer versions make this model slower which prompted me to find out if I can downgrade to earlie versions. It seems that I can't actually...
  5. lppzzyy

    YouTube Comments Section Not Appearing

    The YouTube comments section isn't loading on my iPad Air for some reason. I'm accessing YouTube through Safari and have tried closing and opening Safari yet it hasn't solved the problem. Does anybody have a way to solve this?
  6. NSquirrel

    Safari Swipe Left

    With Safari, as with IOS in general, if you swipe left you return to the previous page you viewed. I have several (6) UK newspapers bookmarked, so that we can try to get a more balanced view of the current political and global news situation. Something I have often noticed with the BBC news...
  7. evennewerbie

    Memory and stability problems and puzzles

    My i-pad 2 was getting slower and slower. I saw that there was not much free memory. I deleted some apps that I had rarely or never used. Deleted photos or put on the dropbox thingy. What was left, though, seemed indispensable: I have 3.5 GB of music, and if I can't access it away from Wi-Fi...