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  1. L

    iPad A1395 Battery Replacement Questions PLEASE

    Hi, I'm trying to change the battery on my iPad2 and have some questions. Pics attached. It's an IPad 16GB Model-A1395 IPAD2 Serial DYTLT2X5DFHW The IPad 2 video I found does not correspond to my model. Specifically, IPad in video had a plug in speaker. Mine is(was) permanently attached to...
  2. Chubby_Ninja

    Music Transfer to iPad2

    Hi all, I have a major mess that I need help with. I'll explain the mess below. The Mess: OK, I have a friend who has 2 older Mac laptops and one iPad, the laptops are a "used to be white" A1181 and a later silver version MacBook that I will find the version for later, the iPad I am assuming...
  3. Tirtha Sarkar

    Need help with iBook library catalog on Apple mobile devices

    In iBooks on my Macbook (13" 2009) I have 2000 books, which I catalog according to my own system; 1. I set the Author Name in the format: [year_of_birth - year_of_death] Lastname, Firstname Middlename 2. I set the Book Title in the format: [year_of_publication] Bookname 3. The books are...
  4. evennewerbie

    Memory and stability problems and puzzles

    My i-pad 2 was getting slower and slower. I saw that there was not much free memory. I deleted some apps that I had rarely or never used. Deleted photos or put on the dropbox thingy. What was left, though, seemed indispensable: I have 3.5 GB of music, and if I can't access it away from Wi-Fi...
  5. S

    Transferring from IPad 2 to IPad Air

    Hi, I had to replace my IPad as it was ancient & not working as it should. All the programmes transferred via the cloud brilliantly. How do I delete stuff from the old one, & still leave it on the new one? When I downloaded new programmes to the new IPad, the IPad Air, they also downloaded to...
  6. Vasek

    Wifi not works after wifi antenne replacement

    Please help with my wife's ipad2;-) Wifi not works, details: - Digitizer not changed, only antenne - Tried all basic helps (network refresh, restart ipad, router change, etc.) - Bluetooth not works as well. - No 3G, only wifi version (32GB version) - So I think that is hardware issue. But...