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memory problems

  1. lastayt

    Photos driving me CRAZY

    I have a 32G iPad mini and a 64G IPhone SE. All my settings surrounding pictures are identical. The number of pics and videos are identical on each. My cloud contains 9.3G of photos. My phones memory for photos is 2.3G but on my Mini it’s 11.3G. HOW CAN THAT BE??????? I have synced and...
  2. evennewerbie

    Memory and stability problems and puzzles

    My i-pad 2 was getting slower and slower. I saw that there was not much free memory. I deleted some apps that I had rarely or never used. Deleted photos or put on the dropbox thingy. What was left, though, seemed indispensable: I have 3.5 GB of music, and if I can't access it away from Wi-Fi...
  3. E

    Memory Issues

    So recently My iPad mini has been consistently saying its full on memory, I checked the usage did the maths and it appears its not, there is 5.5 GigaBytes just floating around being "used". I was wondering if there is way (without restoring the iPad) to get my data back... Thanks in advance!
  4. M

    iPad 1st. gen. memory problem

    When I go to my computer and bring up iTunes to load a movie onto my iPad, I look at my contents and it shows 8.31 gig of my memory in the "other" space. How do I delete that ?