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Apps and memory


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Jun 13, 2010
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Just a question, I got my iPad a few days ago and I've downloaded about ten apps. None of the apps are very big, I would say average of 10 mb. It seems whenever I download an app however my memory goes down .1, for example I had 9.8 gb free, I downloaded an app that was like 15 mb and then I was at 9.7. I checked I tunes and it says I have like 160 mb of apps even though my apps add up to like 75 mb total, maybe. I just don't understand when I download a small app I'm losing a tenth of a gb, which is 100 mb, unless I'm missing something.
I don't have a good answer for you, but I can say from personal experience that I have over 130 apps and they take up about as much as I had thought they would. I haven't tied out the numbers exactly, but I know they are in the ball park. Having noted this, I'm guessing that the more apps you load, the more the overall numbers will make sense. It's just a hunch, of course.
It typically depends on how the storage space is formatted. If it is formatted in blocks of say 8K and you had a file that was 12K the file would take 16K on the disk. This is from the old PC days before they started formatting everything in NTFS - but the concept is still the same.

Which iPad did you get 16, 32, or 64?

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