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It's the RAM


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Jun 23, 2011
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Rather than join the debate on the fairness or effects of Apple not offering IOS 6 for our iPad 1s, I'd like to share what several tech articles have pointed out
Basically die to the way IOS 6 handles memory and apps, our meager 256 MB simply is insufficient. While Apple did tweak it to run on the smaller screen older iPhone
On our iPad larger screen everything would constantly crash and close . It's really no different than the minimum RAM requirements for any updated OS including windows
Since apple does not even mention RAM or list it in specs, it's not going to spell it out for us. IOS 6 memory management is different than IOS 5 and needs a minimum of 512MB on our size screen. So it's not like apple could offer IOS 6 to us without destroying our current functionality.
I am disappointed though and wonder how long before the upgrades to iOS and the apps put the iPad 2 in the same boat since iPad 3 has a full GB of RAM and most android tablets even more. It is annoying to have those upgrade app reminders when I don't want to download them ever since many gobble up even more RAM than my current ones. Just remember to close out all apps entirely each time to live within our 256MB diet

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