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Springboard crashing


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Feb 6, 2012
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Upstate NY
Hey all,

Here's the deal: I have a first-gen iPad, and have never had any real problem with it except for the occasional app crashes. I got iOS 5 onto it the day it was released, and even that has been fine. Upon reading about "memory booster" apps, I downloaded one for all of my iOS devices about three months ago... but I'm sure that it's used most frequently on the iPad. So yesterday, my iPad decided to throw down with those nasty buggers called "springboard crashes". (It's not jailbroken, either.) It crashes from random apps: Safari, CoolPapers for iPad, AppStore, Dropbox, GameCenter... yadda yadda. It always comes up as a springboard crash in the Diagnostics tho. It crashes to an all black screen with the white spinner for about 10 seconds, then to the lock screen. And no matter which page of the home screen I was on, I'm always back the first when the crash/reset is done. People seem to have different ideas on what causes this: hardware, RAM, software, virtual memory. But I wonder.... Does the process of freeing up RAM via that kind of app have a harmful effect on our devices? I figure it does about the same as rebooting the device, but prolly kinda resets things in a more friendly manner for the iPad? I dunno how it works. Anyone have good input?

Thanks! :)
Just to note, the iPad is still usable. And it MAY have something to do with the wi-fi being on. . . But it's just so weird that it started suddenly, so out of the blue.

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