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Ipad Remote APP


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Jan 3, 2011
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New York
Is it possible to control your Ipod touch over the Wi-Fi network in your home using the Remote App on your Ipad?
You can control iTunes on the machine which you use to sync the iPod using the "Remote" app, but you cant directly control another iPod device AFAIK.
I think you want Tango Remote. It will allow you contro your iPod touch (attached to your stereo system) or your iPad from your iPhone/iPod touch.

Remote only works with iTunes.
I downloaded tango on my ipad, but I realize to get it to work, I need Tango to be on my ipod too. I have an ipod touch (I think I got in 2008) and I cannot find a tango remote app in the app store that I can load onto it. Is there any kind of workaround here or is my Ipod the issue here and nothing can really be done?
Make sure you have at least iOS 3.x otherwise I don't think it will show up in the App Store on your device...
Remote 2.0 is a good app for iOS which can be installed from Apple store in iPad and it becomes a remote control after connecting to a WIFI Network. You can control iTunes and Apple TV from the iPad.

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