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Remote upload an app / remote control over iPad, possible?

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Apr 17, 2011
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Hello all, new here, new iPad user here with limited experience with Apple products.

Does anyone here know of a program/application through iTunes or whether Apple will upload applications remotely onto a missing iPad?

For example, using iTunes to "force upload" the "Find my Iphone" application onto a missing iPad?

Or whether it is possible to remotely control an iPad?

Something similar to an IT professional might use to assist someone with a computer problem at their home while they are somewhere remote.

Any ideas or answers appreciated! ! !
Never have heard of any incident or possibility of Apple uploading an application remotely. Once you buy an app they can't remove it either.
There are many apps that let you operate your computer from the iPad. My favorite use of the iPad btw. Nothing the other way around. Too bad, that could be useful.
Find my iPad works if you have told the iPad in "Settings" to be findable. If you had lost your iPad and hadn't toggled that setting you would be out of luck.
Install through cydia two apps, cylay and veency, and password protect your iPad.

If it's already missing the most u can do is contact ur phone company (if it's 3G) and ask them to black list IMEI. And of course contact the police, but honestly they wouldn't bother with u unless u a VIP.
Yea, sorry to hear but if your iPad is already missing, it's too late to do anything except the above :(
If you have lost your iPad, then it's too late.
Hi Karan542, you have just replied to a post which is almost four years old and all it seems to do is repeat what that last poster in 2011 seems to be saying. We'll close this thread now, but any further productive comments from you would of course be most welcome.
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