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ipad 2 jb w/flash and external HDD support


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Jul 13, 2011
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I'm a newbie to this community and really like being here.

I'm planning to buy a new iPad 2 this week and wanted to jailbreak to make use of CCK to access a external HDD. I read that there is limited support for external HDDs. Will it be a good idea to get the HyperDrive ($99 casing) and add a 500GB HDD and if the iPad 2 is jb, will iFile be able to support read/write access both ways (to and from the Hyperdrive and ipad 2)? I also read I can use SD cards but it is limiting and expensive if I wanted to go beyond 100GB storage access.

Also, does Azul app be a good choice for playing flash enabled videos (streamed from the Internet and also play flash videos offline)?

Please reply.


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