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Can't play videos from my 3rd party camera connection kit with SD card


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Jan 25, 2012
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Hi, I'm new to this forum. Using 16gb Wifi iPad 2, 4.3.3, jb with Spirit. I have a 3rd party camera connection kit (cck) and I'm having problems with it, have tried reading this forum and other forums but haven't quite come across the problem I have. Hope someone can help me out!

My problem is that the error message "this accessory is not supported by iPad" won't stop popping up during video playback. I can play videos from my SD card/USB stick using iFile, but the playback keeps getting interrupted by this popup message, approximately every 3-4 min it'll just pop up and if I dismiss it, the video will hang. I can replay the video but in 3-4min, the message comes up again. And again and again. This is when I put the video file in the root folder without the DCIM folder.

If I create the DCIM folder, I get a different problem, and that is, the Photos app won't stop opening up. Meaning to say, when I attach the cck to the iPad the first time, the Photos app pops up, as it's supposed to. I will either close it or put it in the back ground and go to iFile. Within 3-4 min, the Photos app will automatically open again, interrupting my video playback. And it goes on and on. I wish I knew how to stop it from popping up, it's so irritating.

Thanks for your help in advance. I purposely bought a 16gb iPad because I thought I could use the cck and save on buying an iPad with more memory. But thus far it's not working, sadly. Want to watch movies on it from my SD card.


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