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How to remote control an IPAD ?

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As I said it is not possible period. The iPad is easy to use. There are many books in the apple book store to assist. users whom need help. If the iPad is set up prior to delivery one can make it easy for the new user. At the end of the day if the the individual lives in a foreign country and you have no other friends or family to assist then written or utube training is the only way.
We have multiple iPads, so being able to have one connected to a tv or stereo and control it from around the house with a phone or different ipad would be great.

As scifan noted, you want an Apple TV. With ATV and an iPad, you can:

1) stream music and video over wifi from the iPad to the TV;

b) stream music and video over wifi from iTunes on your Mac or PC, using the iPad as a remote control;

iii) stream music and video from the Internet via the ATV's channels, using the iPad as a remote. ATV has its own remote, but it's infrared and limited to line of sight.

The Remote app runs on both iPad and iPhone/iTouch. It's a little buggy, but still very useful; I use option b) above every day to play ripped CDs through my hifi. The iPad doesn't have enough storage to hold much music in a lossless format, and life is too short to listen to mp3.
I responded to a message that a user responded to recently. As follows.

" have you guys found a software yet!!! I m tired of searching for it... i bought it assuming that teamviwer can do it.. but alas!!! Btw i need this to be able to control the ipad in India from USA over internet because my parents cannot use it properly."

This user wants to remote his ipad in India from usa.....
I did not realise it was 12 months old This thread has been hijacked and become confusing to say the least. It was started in 2011 I am closing the thread to avoid further confusion. I suggest if you wish to know how to remote an iPad please start a new thread but be specific in your request.

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