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How to connect ipad to Windows based dekstop via iSSH or putty??


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Nov 4, 2011
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Hello everyone, I am a noob to networks and recently I downloaded Open SSH, iSSH in my ipad and putty and winscp in my dekstop. I've been trying many guide about how to "root" but somehow none of them works (it always shows connection time out).
The connection I am using is provided by my office since I am living in the dorm. In the end all I want is to be able to copy and paste files from both side of dekstop and Ipad without Itunes and remote controlled both of my device.

My questions are
-What can SSH do with both dekstop and Ipad in my hand? ( Just to be sure since I am totally new to network)

-How to connect ipad to Windows based dekstop via iSSH or putty??

- Is it possible that the network do not allow SSH connection since it also banned any connection to online games?

Ok STOP if you don't know about SSH you shouldn't be going there simple.

Your locked out of root access for a reason.

If you aim is to remote control your PC from your iPad then VNC is the better route.

KevStorr WM06 WA039

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