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How do you guys feel about the camera connection kit?


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May 26, 2010
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Any problems etc? It gets pretty good reviews but just wanted to see real world application with people that have used it for awhile etc.

I'm going to Germany for 6 weeks from July to August, and not bringing a laptop so I was thinking of buying the connection kit to download pictures.

Is it hard to copy them from your iPad to your computer once you put them on your iPad? (I'm using a PC btw)

Like I come home with 1000 pictures that I used the camera connection kit to take on my iPad...can I then xfer those to my hard drive? Not just iTunes, but I mean the JPG files to the hard drive...
One of the reviews says the USB does not work with a camera which confuses me...
Camera connection kit works just as you would expect it to. Plug it in, stick in your camera's sd card or connect to the camera through usb, and then the Photos app will autoload on the iPad and ask if you would like to import the pics. You can then connect your iPad to your computer using the sync cable and view/copy the photos using Windows Explorer or Nautilus in Linux or whatever the Mac file handler is... no need to go through iTunes.

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