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going round in circles and getting nowhere with photos


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Dec 12, 2011
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Hi guys I am sure this is a piece of cake for you but this is doing my head in ! I have been using the iphone 4s for some time and taking pics with it was never a problem, connect it to the puter and up pops a small window saying would you like to import your pics (yes i say what could be more easier than that) I then upload those pics from my pc to photobucket for safe storage....... itunes then pops up and says its gonna backup or sync or whatever the terminology is and all was well and good.

I bought myself and ipad 2 about 2 weeks ago, plugged it into the puter and it opened itunes and said would you like to restore your back up of my iphone 4s, well thats easy i thought everything is done for me :) when it finished its backup i then found all of my pictures from my iphone 4s was in my photos folder on the ipad 2, excellent I thought to myself this modern technology is fool proof....Thats where the easy bits stop :(

NOW if I plug in my iphone and I click on the photos tab in itunes the window says I have the option of syncing from all folders or selected folders and it allows me to do either BUt if I connect the ipad to the puter the itunes photos tab windows gives me the same window again BUT I CANT select between All folders button and Selected folders button, it only allows me the All folders option.

Now, I took some new pics at the weekend and stored them on my puter, connected the ipad to the puter to put the pictures on there, clicked on the photos tab in itunes, the all folders button was highlighted but it gave me the option above to sync to from a drop down list which said choose other folders, I clicked on choose other folders which allowed me to find the folder I wanted on my puter, when that folder opened there was no pics to view inside it ???? this threw me a little because i know they were in there. I closed the itunes window and restarted it, I think it said something like would you like to sync or backup your ipad so i just naturally said yes, I then disconnected the ipad from itunes then looked on the ipad photos and somehow I had lost 700 photos ????

I then went back to my iphone 4s to see if I had lost the photos from there and they were all still on there ????

can you now see how I am going around in circles

please help guys, at the moment the ipad is looking like its gonna turn into a frisbee if i dont get it sorted out



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Dec 30, 2010
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Gettysburg, Pa
Backup photos to icloud/photostream via iphone 4s then they will be available on any iOS device you have that is running 5.0+ above.

Btw - photobucket has their own iOS app for uploading pics/vids....
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