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problem syncing photos from pc to ipad


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Jan 1, 2011
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I want to move photos from my pc folders to ipad. it will only allow me to sync the contents of one folder to ipad. if I try to add photos from another folder it over writes the ipad. I tried to reset sync under edit preference devices in itunes but that did not work. I have synced several CDs no problem. How do I get the itunes to ipad link to merge photos not overwrite? Thank you


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Oct 26, 2010
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Virginia, usa
You can't merge folders on the iPad or add pictures to folders on the iPad. You must do everything on the PC as outlined below.

First, you should remove the pictures currently in the Camera Roll (Photos), so you won't be duplicating everything. You can do this by un-checking "Sync Photos from..." and syncing, this will delete all of the photos on the iPad.

Click on your iPhone/iPad in the Devices listing, a Summary window will open up, click on the PHOTOS tab at the top of the window. If you would like to maintain the folders you have or make new folders, try the following.

To make new folders:

You need to setup a folder, on your PC under "My Pictures", such as "iPad Pictures" and make all of the folders you want, with the pictures you want in them (copy, move or drag and drop, your choice), under that folder. Then go into iTunes, under PHOTOS and select "Sync Photos from" and change "My Pictures" to "Choose Folder" and then choose the folder you created "iPad Pictures" open it and select the folders you want to sync to the iPad. Then sync them.

To use existing folders:

Follow the above, except, don't change the "My Pictures" just leave it there. Now select the "Selected folders" box. Now you will be able to find the folders you already have listed below. Just check the ones you want and sync.

If you are like me, and have hundreds it not thousands of pictures, you need to pick and choose the ones you really want or you will fill up your iPhone/iPad really fast. The reason for this it that iTunes and the iPhone/iPad won't allow you to make folders on the iPhone, so you have to do it on the PC or Mac.

With this method when you open Photos/Camera Roll, you will see Albums with the name you gave them with your pictures in them. I don't know that if you add a few pictures to an album/folder it they will sync properly. If it doesn't sync them, try this.
Uncheck the album/folders you added or deleted pictures from, and sync, this will delete them from the iPad, then check the albums/folders and sync again. That way you should have all the changes written to the iPad.
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