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Does IPad require a base computer?


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Jun 16, 2010
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Seattle, wa
I just bought my Mom an IPad and was hoping she could turn it on and start using it. But I live in another state, and it looks like she will need to have ITunes running on a PC or Mac, and then plug the IPad into that PC? Is this true? I'm going to order High Speed internet for her from Qwest, which will get a wireless network set up. Will I still need to set up a PC with ITunes for her to get started with the IPad? She is recovering from a serious stroke. I was hoping this would be easy for her to use. I will be visiting her ASAP but would like to get her going before that.
Yes, as soon as you unbox the iPad and turn it on, you get the picture with the "plug into computer" instruction. You need to set it up with iTunes. The alternative is to take it to an Apple store and have them help you get started. But that's probably not an option for your mom. Hope she recovers well! The iPad has Accessibility options that might make it easier for her to use the iPad. Check them out.

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