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How to tell the iPad model based on the box?

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Mar 28, 2012
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College student here.
My mom is planning on buying me an ipad from a friend of a friend tomorrow
but she is clueless as to what she is supposed to be getting.
She was told that it would be the newest model of iPad and asked me how could she tell
based on the box. I haven't owned one and have no clue what is looks like so I turned to the internet, but the boxes for the ipad
2 and the new one looks identical to me.

Is there something on the box that suggests what model it is?
I can't be there with her because I have class so any help would be awesome.

I told her to look for something about a retina display as that is one of the highlighted features and may come on the back of the box
but I am not certain. If you happen to have the new box laying around and could post a photo, you'd go to the top of my high-five list.
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