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changing photo sorting order

Dec 28, 2012
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When I create a directory and add some photo's they appear in order. If I later add another photo to that directory they always come after the first pics. Is there any way to change the sort order?

It always sorts on date added, can't it sort on name of the pic or so?


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
I'm afraid the Photos app does not offer a choice of sorting options.

Most people who want better control of their photo albums than Photos provides use a third party app like Photo Manager Pro.

There are a great number of photo management/display apps, many of them optimized for specific use cases, such as: travel, portfolio, etc.

The upside is you can get pretty much exactly what you want in the way of display and features. The downside is that they maintain their own photo database, separate from the Photos app. Since you can't entirely avoid using Photos, it will take a bit more effort to organize photos, and make sure they are where then need to be.

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