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iPad backups to PC


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Jun 12, 2011
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I have a query about the iPad backups I make to my PC using iTunes.
I wondered does it keep every backup you ever make; or does it automatically delete your last backup when you make a new one?

Also why did iTunes try to backup my iPad when I was syncing photos from my brother's Mac-book? I didn't particularly want him to have copies of all my apps and photos; I just wanted to copy some of his photos to my iPad. Is there any way to copy photos without backing up the iPad?

Finally I have a question about sorting your iPad photos into folders. I gather you have to create the folders on the PC, in the directory you've allocated for photo back-ups. Then sync with the iPad. But I'm not sure whether it's better to sort the photos into folders on the PC, and then re-sync with the iPad; or to try and sort them into folders on the iPad itself? If you're trying to move hundreds of photos around into different folders, is it easier to do it on the PC?
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Think I found the answer to my last paragraph on photo folders; though I'm not clear whether the location information is retained when you create new folders, and whether you can still use the iPad's "places" tab to sort your photos by location? Would the "places" tab still show all the photos on your ipad, including those that have been sorted into folders and subfolders?
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